SPECIAL ​​​EVENTS                         DATE
Mahashivratri                        Friday            February 24
Temple Anniversary        Wednesday    March 15
Baisakhi                          Wednesday     April 13
Mahasamadhi                  Wednesday     May 31
Guruji's Birthday             Friday            July 7
Guru Purnima                 Sunday           July 9
Karva Chauth                  Sunday           October 8
Diwali                             Thursday        October 19 
Guru Nanak's B-Day         Saturday        November 4
New Year's Eve                Monday         December 31
New Year's Day                Tuesday        January 1

Calendar of Special Events


“Jiss tarah beri te phal lageya hoae, main pehlaan beri nu hi hila denda haan, jere ta kacche hunde han dig jaande han, jere reh jaande han, una nu main fir pakanda haan. Pakeyaan nu main fir nimbu wangu nichor da haan. Nichuran baad bhi jeda mere kol aanda hai, oh hi is test nu paas karda hai. Main fir usdi har ek choti to bhi choti zaroorat da khayaal rakhda haan.”

The people who come to me are like a fruit on a tree. I first shake the tree. The ones who have to fall off will fall and the ones that remain, I prepare them to be ripened. After ripening, I squeeze them like one does a lemon. In spite of going through all this, the ones who still come to me are the ones who have passed the test. They are allowed to be my disciples and I look after their every small need.

"Kalyan ho Gaya, ja aish kar" - I have blessed you be carefree ~ "Mauj kar" - Be carefree ~ Nothing is by chance everything is by choice ~


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