1. Temple kitchen setup and Langar started
  2. Temple Expansion & completion of the new Bhavan on second floor
  3. The New name is guruji ka ashram - nj

  1.  Guruji Ka Ashram - NJ moved to new temple location - 347 elizabeth ave, somerset, nj 08873.
  2. live shabads in temple by puneet khurana

  1. live stream satsangs were set up from the temple on the temple's website.  due to temple closure during covid the live stream satsangs were broadcasted from the temple for sangat to join from their homes
  2. recorded satsangs were obtained from sangat all over the world and broadcasted via livestream.
  3. temple whatsapp groups in existence were streamlined to allow only admins to post; these were posted only from the temple phone number; and the content of the posts were strictly related only to guruji and guruji's path and for the temple announcements.
  4. flower refrigerator was installed for flower sewa at temple
  5. langar and chai prasad was discontinued and boxed langar and to go chai prasad was distributed due to covid
  6. mask requirement due to covid was implemented
  7. guruji's birthday was celebrated with outdoor arrangements in a large tent due to covid.

  1. the temple was expanded to add a second bhavan and additional rooms for other temple sewa
  2. facebook donations were commenced on giving tuesdays to obtain matching grants from facebook
  3. live shabads in temple by dolly guleria in the temple
  4. live shabads in temple by manjul sharma on december 31

  1. double sink was installed in the temple.
  2. guruji's birrthday was celebrated indoors and outdoors in a large tent with live langar cooking
  1. live shabads in temple by bhai prakash singhji on new year's day january 1, 2022
  2. live shabads in temple by sagar sakharani for valentines on february 13, 2022
  3. chai prasad and langar prasad was restarted in bhavan
  1.  New Temple Kitchen and Langar Room Completed on second floor
  2. Started plans to locate land for new temple - bade mandir of New Jersey

Treasurer & Joint Secretary

Annual Accounting Reports

Jadon rab rooth jaanda hai ta guru sambhaal lenda hai par jadon guru hi rooth jaaye ta fir kite jaan di thaa nai.” - Guruji

If god is unhappy with you, you still have a guru who will help and guide you, but if your guru is displeased with you then you have no place of refuge left in the entire universe. Such is the importance of a guru.

Organizational Documents

GSF obtained 501-(c)3 tAX-EXEMPTION STATUS.

devinder kapoor
Seema M. Singh

Our Board of Trustees

Guruji Sangat Foundation provides a Platform / Mandir (“Temple”) where devotees can congregate on regular basis and directly connect with “Guruji” through Spiritual services, Prayers and Meditation  (“Satsangs”) to receive Guruji’s blessings enlightenment. It is a place where Devotees may herald the Divine Blessings of Guruji by Serving Langar Prasad (“Blessed Food”);  Chai Prasad (“Blessed Tea”) and Pani Prasad (“Blessed Water”); and to support and strengthen the spiritual growth and transformation of “Guruji’s” devotees through energizing and elevating them though sharing the teachings of Guruji and each one’s experiences.

In addition, Guruji Sangat Foundation organizes and supports charitable causes, charitable events and organizations for the upliftment and education of men, women and children and for the health and well-being of families.

Guruji sangat foundation founded and temple launched.

Our Mission

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