Words of Guruji

"Kalyan kitta", Guruji would say and "Blessings always" is what the devotee would get.

“Ja Aish Kar" meaning Enjoy.

Guruji’s Fragrance

“Eh khusboo meri body di natural khushboo hai. Carora, arban mahapurushan wicho kisi ek wich eh khushboo hundi hai. Shiv ji wich eh khushboo hai.” – “This fragrance is in my body. One in a billion mahapurush will have this fragrance. Lord Shiva has it.”

 “Asli guru rasik – vairagi hona sikhande hain. Pura rasik hona, narkaan wich paa denda hai te pura vairaagi vi grihasth chada denda hai.”

– A true guru doesn’t tell you to wear saffron robes and go to the jungles to find god. He will in fact tell you to strike a balance between his duties in this world and his duties towards god. If an individual is stuck in materialism, he is walking towards hell and if an individual leaves his home and duties to search god, he will never succeed. “Grihast bahut zaroori hai, grihast wich reh ke rab nu yaad karna chahida hai. Jadon husband wife di sewa karda hai aur wife husband di, ta isto wadda sukh kahin nai hai, eh hi swarg hai.” – “The life of a householder is a must, and remembering god, while staying in the family is important. When a husband looks after his wife and a wife looks after her husband, then there is no happiness greater than this. This is heaven.”

“Guru lakh di bhi te kakh di bhi blessings kar sakda hai. Guru blessings de kar waapas bhi le sakda hai.” – “A guru has the ability to bless you with a million things and if you don’t know how to take from a guru, you can end up with a blessing worth nothing. Also if a guru sees that his blessing is causing you to develop an ego or if you are using his blessings in the wrong way, he can take back his blessings.”

A guru is above god. “Guru number one Te hai, Guru di sangat dooje number te hai te rab teeje number te hai.” – “A true guru is at number one position, then comes his disciple and on number three, is God.” “Rab tuhade lekh likh ke tuhanu niche bhej denda hai, guru tuhade puthe lekhan nu sidha kar sakda hai. Guru agge, rab di bhi nai chaldi.” – “God writes your destiny and sends you to earth. A guru is one who can change your destiny if he so pleases. In front of a guru, even god does not have much of a say.”

“Puran guru nu kade bhi publicity nai chahidi hundi. Oh kade bhi bodyguard aur gunmen nai rakhu ga. Je guru wich power hai ta oh apne aap nu protect bhi kar sakda hai. Je oh apne aap nu nai protect kar sakda, ta apni sangat nu kiwein protect karuga? Os de wichon khushboo aandi hai jo 100 saal di tapasya baad mildi hai. Us de mastak wich noor howega. Us da mattha roshni waangu chamku ga. Mahapurush nu kutte, more ate hor jaanwar pehchaan jaange te rola paan lag jaan ge.” – “A true guru does not require publicity. A true guru will never keep a bodyguard or gunmen around him. If the guru is true, he will have enough power to protect himself.  If he can’t protect himself, how will he protect his disciples? His body will be fragrant, and fragrance comes from meditating for a 100 years. His forehead will have a shine. His face will glow. Dogs, peacocks and other animals will sense if a true guru is nearby and will start to make a lot of noise.”

A guru likes a disciple who is humble and devoid of any ego. Ego is one thing that a guru will never tolerate in a disciple and will constantly keep testing him till he lets go of this evil. “Kis gal da ahankaar? Neeme ho jaao. Neeve rukhan nu hi phal lagde han. Neevi than te jiven paani aap chal ke aanda hai us tarhan hi neeve loga kol blessings aap chal ke aandi hai. Moorakhon ke hum daas, bas eh gal yaad rakho.” – “Why this ego? Become humble and remember that trees that bear maximum fruit on them are always leaning low. Just as water flows on its own to low lying areas, similarly, Blessings come on their own to those who are humble. Don’t argue with the ignorant.”

“Guru to ek mangna hunda hai te ek man na hunda hai.” – “There is something called asking from a guru and another thing as believing and accepting a guru. “Mangeya na karo. Jadon baar baar mangde ho ta saanu dena pe janda hai. Tusi galat cheez mag lende ho aur saanu deni pe jaandi hai. Tusi choti cheez mang lende ho . Kya pata asi tuhanu kinni waddi cheez dena chande haan. Mango na. Jis haal wich rab rakhe, rehna chahida hai.” – “Never ask for anything from a guru. You don’t know what is good for you. When you keep asking, I have to give. You may ask for something that is not good for you or you may ask for something too small. I may want to give you something bigger, so don’t ever ask. The way your guru keeps you, remain happy in those circumstances.”

Meaning- I love those disciples who have been accepted and loved by my sangat. Those who think they can reach me without my sangat accepting them or loving them are mistaken.

“Jis tarah tusi mitti da bartan khareedan to pehlan, usnu thok baja kar dekhde ho, ki oh kite kaccha ta nai, us hi tarhaan main bhi thok baja ke, poori tasalli kar ke hi bhagat banaunda haan.” – “The way you test an earthern pot by knocking on it, to check if it isn’t weak, similarly I too check my sangat thoroughly before I choose a disciple.”