“Jinni weri sangat wich aaonge te baithonge, unni weri tuhade putthe lekh sidde ho jaan ge.” ~Guruji~ Meaning, each time you come and sit among the sangat, your bad karmas will soon be replaced by good karmas. Guruji stressed on the importance of his sangat and doing satsang.

Significance of Prashad

“Paani, chai, langar aur parshad wich meri power hai, jo milda hai khaai challo, mana na karo. Kade bhi parshad nu bandna nai.Jo parshad thanu mileya hai usnu tusi hi khaana hai, je bandoge ta na tuhada bhala howega na hi jis nu ditta, us da.” – “The water or the tea that you drink here, the langar and the parshad, are all infused with my power so never refuse anything that gets served here.” Said guruji. “And most importantly never share your parshad with anyone. What I give you is for you alone and not for anyone else. If you share it then neither you nor the person you share it with get benefitted.”

                                    “Bin bhaagan satsang na labe.” Meaning, without good karmas, one

                               cannotfind or attend satsang  When God showers His Grace you

                               get satsang. The sanctity of a satsang should be maintained at

                               every cost. Except for the name of the guru, no other business

                               should be discussed or talked about.

The nectar of devine love flows during a satsang, and it falls on each one of us. How much we benefit from the satsang is directly propotional to our spiritual level, our love for god and our control over our ego.   Satsang is so powerful that it can burn the 5 vices in us. By being in the company of the spiritual, our mind will neither go astray nor engage in futile thoughts.

Just as we require a map to guide us, similarly we need satsang to find our way to the light. It is by attending satsangs that we rid ourselves of ifs and buts, we become positive and gain spiritual knowledge. As water has the tendency to run to low areas, so does the human mind have a tendency to run down to the pleasures of the senses. The only way to keep the mind away from such negativity is to seek satsang.

To attend or hold a satsang is not enough, your body and soul both must be there. Don’t let your mind wander. Forget the world, forget your worries, don’t try to look at what the others are wearing, listen to the shabads and not only must you listen, you must also try to implement the teachings into your daily lives, and see how you benefit from it.

When so many like minded people sit together in meditation during satsangs, the vibrations are raised to such an extent that it’s like sitting in sachkhand (heaven). Through satsang, illnesses can be cured and a sinner can rid himself of all his sins. By talking about your guru or listening to his greatness, your ego melts and your soul is purified. One learns to love god and each of his creations. No one is superior or inferior to the other. In a satsang, all are equal.

Schedule of Events for 2022
  • Lohri Celebrations - Jan 13, Thursday
  • MahaShivratri – March 1, Tuesday
  • Baisakhi – April 13, Wednesday
  • Mahasamadhi – May 31, Tuesday
  • Guruji’s Birthday – July 7, Thursday
  • Gurupurnima – July 13, Wednesday
  • Karva Chauth – October 13, Thursday
  • Diwali – October 24, Monday
  • Guru Nanak's B-Day - November 8, Tuesday
  • New Years Eve – December 31, Saturday
  • New Years Day – January 1, 2023, Sunday

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