“Mainu oh hi bhagat pyaara hai jisnu meri sangat pyaar kardi hove. Jisnu meri sangat na pyaar kare oh mainu paa nai sakda.”

“Mahapurush pyaar de bhukhe hunde han, saanu bas pyaar te sharda hi chidi hai. Guru nu phool chadaya karo. Kade bhi badam te pista nai chadhana chahida hai.” - Guruji

A true guru is only hungry for love and faith. You must always refrain from putting almonds and pistachios in front of my photographs. Always put flowers instead.

Mainu bina kisi itcha de pyaar karo, fer dekho nazaare.”

Meaning: love me without any conditions and expectations, and then see what I will do for you.

Asi Shiv.” – I am Shiv, was all he said and smiled.


He attained mahasamadhi in Delhi on May 31, 2007.  Guruji took mahasamadhi on 31st May 2007. He left no successor: for the "light divine" there is none. His emphasis was that the devotee always get connected "directly" with him , and more so, through the medium of prayers and meditation. Guruji has a temple, popularly known as Bade Mandir located at Bhatti mines in South Delhi. Today, when Guruji is no more in his mortal guise, his blessings are working the same wonders, with his grace falling equally on those who never met him in their lifetime

Guruji's Blessings Through Satsangs and Langar Prasad

The shower of Guruji's blessings began to fall on the earth to lessen the sufferings of hundreds of thousands of people and satsangs1 began happening.  It was here that people came from all over India and other parts of the world to seek his blessings. The tea and langar prasad (blessed food) served at Guruji's satsang had his special divine blessings. The devotees experienced his grace in various forms: incurable diseases were healed and the entire matrix of problems ranging from legal to financial to emotional were solved. Some members of the sangat also had divine darshans (visions) of deities. There was nothing impossible for Guruji, for he wrote fate, and could re-write it.

Guruji's doors were open to the high and low, poor and rich, and people of all religious affiliations. From the most ordinary of men to the most powerful of politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats, armed service personnel, doctors, and professionals, everyone came to seek his blessings. All were equally in need of him and Guruji blessed all alike. Those sitting close to him, touching his feet, benefitted as much as those seeking his blessing in their prayers anywhere in the world. What mattered most was complete surrender and unconditional faith reposed in him. Guruji was a giver, he never expected or took anything from anyone. "Kalyan karta", Guruji would say and "Blessings always" is what the devotee would get. He once explained that his "Blessings always" were not for this life alone, but ended with nirvana.

Guruji never delivered any sermons or prescribed any rituals, yet his message was received by the devotee in ways known only to the devotee. This "connection" with him was not only elevating and energizing but also a deeply transforming one. It lifted the devotees life to a level where joy, fulfillment and peace came easy. Guruji's form exuded a divine fragrance, similar to roses. Even today, his fragrance is felt as proof of his presence by his devotees.

Guruji's Mandir

He stayed intermittently at Jallandhar, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Delhi, Mumbai etc finally settling down in a house, now known as his temple in Defence Colony, Jallandhar. He shuttled between Delhi and Jallandhar till 2002 when he finally settled down in the Empire Estate house on MG Road in New Delhi, known as the Chotta Mandir.

Guruji sat at various places including Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Panchkula and New Delhi.

During the 90s he also made the Shiv Mandir in Bhatti Mines area in Chattarpur, known to his devotees as the Bada Mandir. It now houses his samadhi.

Guruji is "Shiva" - Miracles and Healing Powers

Guruji was Lord Shiva incarnate and had revealed himself in the divine form to many of his devotees. Guruji emitted the divine fragrance from his self which was akin to that of heavenly roses. Even today, long after he is no longer there in his physical form, his fragrance is felt as a proof of his presence very much in spirit!

Guruji in his short journey on this earth touched the lives of millions of people, also of those who had never even met Him. He would read the persona of a devotee by looking at him and knowing all about his life -- past, present and future. He would then bless the person as he thought fit for them.

Guruji cured thousands of all kinds of diseases. He helped people to get out of difficulties, giving peace and happiness to all who came to him. He blessed even those who had never even seen him but their relatives and friends would come to him and beg for his help to overcome their problems.

During his Sangat -- as the daily congregations were called -- melodious Gurbaani and Shabad would flow in the hall where the devotees would be sitting on the floor in front of him and meditating. He would bless them, not by touching them, but by altering the path of their lives merely by his spiritual powers! Often he would cure, heal or bestow upon his devotees things they did not even think of asking!

There were times when he would ask a devotee to stand-up facing the congregation and relate his divine experience of Guruji's blessing. This was also a way of inculcating faith in the supreme in case any devotee had any 'ifs and buts' in his mind -- as he put it! This was called a satsang.

Each sangat would end with a generous helping of langar served to all. Guruji's langar had his divine blessings and there are endless incidents where devotees would get cured just by partaking in it. The same is said about the tea served as prasad during the sangat.

Today, long after Guruji's physically gone from their lives, devotees visit the Bada Mandir to receive his countless blessings. He had always said that anyone who entered his temples would be blessed in some measure or the other -- something which continues to happen even today. The air is thick with all the new miracles happening especially to those who have never even seen Guruji. Lucky are those whose lives have actually been touched by him!

 And He heals. He heals with a mere look, showering His blessings through eyes filled with the ocean of love for all those who are troubled.

Any devotee can testify to Guruji's saving grace, which steers him away from troubled waters, in any and every hour of need. And hundreds of thousands who have come to Him - troubled by disease or mental strife, discouraged by the world - have not only found the divine healing touch but also the way out of suffering, the way to beat the strain of modern, material life.

Those who have gone to Him in their hour of grave peril have found succor without their having to ask for it. Stories are legion of Guruji's miraculous cures. Satsangs (literally, the company of truth; loosely, a fellowship in which devotional songs are listened to and experiences in faith recounted) are replete with spellbinding talks of diseases spirited away, bothersome bosses held at bay, just promotions finally obtained, and even weather made to obey Guruji's dictates. Through satsangs Guruji allows people to share their experiences so that others too can take full benefit of Guruji's being.

While many preachers in this world help a person progress on the path of salvation, Guruji is into action. His is an entirely practical approach that leaves no room for doubt. He takes the burden of His devotees upon Himself. Their problems become His and He spirits them away. Like a loving father, He stands guard over the faithful, He brings smiles into not only the devotee's face, but also into the lives of those whom the devotee holds dear. Thus, for those in His sharan, miracles are a norm, with every devotee being in a position to claim having experienced life-altering instances that can only be called miracles. Yet, nothing under Guruji's protective umbrella is by chance, everything is by His choice alone. And His choice, revealed through His hukm (order), assuredly drives you towards the brightest destiny possible, one that is often beyond the limits of the devotee's imagination itself.

To have Guruji's darshan is to be blessed forever. To take refuge in Him is to touch the hem of Immortality, which grants you the courage to laugh off worries and diseases. To be led by His guidance is like being in a fort, protected against all odds, unscathed by the bad times. To be granted to follow Him is to touch the wellspring of life itself, of love, of sweet sanity; it is to walk the humble road of service and devotion.

Guruji's Spiritual Journey

Guruji Left his village and home in 1975 (as reported by his classmates) and after college he briefly worked for the Punjab School education board, in its field office at Sangrur as a clerical assistant in 1983. Guruji told us that by the age of eight, he had full control over all his desires. He devoted all his time to meditation.

After some time he left home to fulfill his spiritual journey in this world. He would often appear in the house of one of his acquaintances -- stay for a few days and then move off -- to where ever he felt and even disappear for days at a stretch.
No matter where he stayed people thronged to him for deliverance from disease or any other problem they had. Soon the news of his powers spread all across Punjab and people sought him out no matter where he was.

Guruji’s father never believed nor liked Guruji’s way of life. He thought his son was just pretending to be a godman, until a day in Jallandhar temple, when in the early hours he woke up to a strange sound. He saw Guruji walk into a room with a big lion behind him. He got scared and woke up the caretakers only to be told that that particular room is locked and that Guruji is sitting in meditation. After that day Guruji’s father understood that his son was no ordinary human being and that he was special.

Incidents During His School and Early Year

One of the earliest known incidents of Guruji's penchant for the spiritual was spending time at the Dera of Sant Sewa Dasji at Dugri. Santji was a saint of high order who had renounced worldly life and had a large following. Guruji would often go and sit at the Dera much to the dislike of the family who wanted him to spend time studying rather than sit amongst sages.

At times he would be locked inside a room, but soon they would find it unlocked and Guruji would be found sitting with the sages at the Dera. The sages would often tell people to leave the young Guruji alone as he was the 'lord of all the three loks' himself and should not be interfered with.

Guruji's schoolmates recall his famous feat of filling empty inkpots by just touching them with his finger.  Once during an examination a classmate asked Guruji for some ink for his pen and Guruji just touched it with his finger to fill it up!

His friends have many times narrated this incident in front of Guruji as to how he would often fill ink in pens that had run out. I have personally seen Guruji do this one time in Jallandhar. Guruji had a diary in which he wrote down the addresses of a few people who visited him. That day I happened to be the one sitting next to his aasan and each time he wanted to write somebody’s address he would ask me to pass the diary to him. The pen in the diary wasn’t working. Since morning I was borrowing pens from the sangat for him to write down the addresses. In the evening, Guruji wanted to write down someone’s address and before I could ask someone for a pen he looked at me, blew into the pen and started writing. I wanted to make sure if the pen was actually working so I raised myself on my knees to look and yes, the pen was working! He again gave me a smile and continued writing.

He took great pains to suppress his supernatural powers in front of others and appear normal. But often would leave his teachers perplexed by his sudden disappearance from the classroom seat and be back the next moment! His classmates remember him knowing all the questions of the paper beforehand!

One of Guruji’s classmates often narrated an incident where he went to pick up Guruji for college on his scooter. On reaching Guruji’s house, Guruji told him that he had some work and would meet him in college. Guruji never possessed a scooter, yet guruji was standing and waiting for his friend at the college premises. Just to test him, Guruji’s friend rode back to Guruji’s house to find Guruji present at his house as well. There have been various incidents where Guruji has been seen present in more than one place at the same time.

In another incident, Guruji’s friends wanted to teach him how to swim. Since he never liked getting wet he would often resist. One day they all got together and decided to throw guruji into the village well.One of his friends went down the well and the other remained on top to push guruji into the well. When guruji was pushed into the well, his friends were shocked to see that he didn’t hit the water but was infact floating over it. His friends got scared and before they knew it, guruji was out of the well besides them; with his clothes completely dry. No one till today understood how guruji came out or why he didn’t hit the water.

Guruji disliked getting dirty or having his clothes soiled. He was not keen on doing the typical chores in the agricultural fields. One day Guruji’s father insisted he work with them in the rice fields. Just as his father was about to push him into the fields, two men came on a scooter and said Guruji was wanted somewhere, and took Guruji away with them.

Mataji would often send Guruji to get wheat or maize ground from the village grinding mill. He would take the wheat and maize from home and after having it ground, he would distribute it among the poor and needy.

One day Guruji brought a truck load of people home at night and much to the annoyance of his mother, asked her to prepare food for them all. After feeding them he distributed woven mats made by his mother among them and asked them to all rest until he finally let them go early morning. On being asked why he did such a thing he told his family that had he not stopped them and brought them home, they would have had an accident and died.

He had no inhibitions about going into the grave yard at night and would often be found meditating there for hours. Much to the dislike of his family, he often kept the company of sages.

Guruji's Education and Friends

Guruji went to school at the Dugri primary school and Government High School. He did his college from the Government College at Malerkotla. Guruji was double M.A in English and Economics. He spoke fluent English and had a beautiful hand writing. Yet, just to put a veil on all of us, he would often ask us to spell certain words for him.

Guruji studied on only to fulfill the wishes of his father, who like any normal father wanted his son to get a MA degree. Guruji finally did a double MA. His father recalls that his young son would often help him till the fields and the crop yield would turn out to be many times more than that of others in the area!

Guruji's Birth and Family

Guruji is the “Divine Light” that came on earth to bless and enlighten humanity.  Guruji was born in his mortal avatar as Nirmal Singh Maharaj On 7th July 1954, in the Dugri village at Malerkotla, Sangrur District, Punjab (India). 

Guruji was born into a humble family.  This family had always been blessed by the birth of saints and fakirs through generations; but according to Mataji (Guruji’s mother), she had no idea that a mahapurush of such a high level would be born to her. According to the midwife, the day Guruji was born, she saw a snake and a strange kind of a bright light fill up the room. When the pandit (priest) prepared the birth chart, he clearly told Mata ji that this child is not just hers but belongs to the entire world.

Even as a little baby, there was a fragrance in his urine and he never soiled his clothes. As a young boy he was often found in the fields sitting in Samadhi (meditation), completely unfazed by the burning sun or strong rains. His classmates would often make fun of him since he never seemed to enjoy the kind of things they did.

By this time his parents realised that their son was no ordinary person but God himself. Even His mother started touching his feet and calling him 'Guruji', as he was now called by everyone.